🇺🇸!!Calling all Patriots!!🇺🇸 
Set your sights on a Midas Crush and head over to Sidewinders! Kicking off our #catgriz fundraiser this morning! We will be there all week! 

“What we need is something to take us away from work, something to help us get back, to feel human again. Being in that type of environment melted away all the stress in my life, and I fnally felt free. Big Sky Bravery changed my life”.  
~SOF Operator 14 deployments

- Have a Beer! 50% of sales of Midas Crush microbrew is donated to BSB. 
- On every receipt, you can donate any amount towards a soldier’s airline ticket.
- You have the opportunity to bid on a Tier 1 Donor Plaque (Positioned at the front entrance).

Winning bid over $1000 will receive a personal gift bag that includes a variety of BSB merchandise.

Winning bid over $2500 will receive a guided ski day to Bridger Bowl with BSB staff.

Sidewinders and MAP Brewing have teamed up to support Big Sky Bravery to help buy 5 airline tickets for active duty special operations soldiers to experience Montana through their programs.