Josh McCain - Founder & President

It is not hard to understand why Josh has such a deep desire to honor the military.  With family ties to the JSOC community, McCain saw a growing, unmet need and decided to do something about it.  He knew that the mountains of Montana offered endless adventure, and could show these adrenaline-fueled warriors how to find excitement and enjoy life at home instead of feeling bored and yearning to get back in the action. Although most of America’s troops have pulled out of the Middle East, thousands of Special-Operations Forces (SOF) remain, and after multiple deployments, returning stateside takes adjustment.  Josh's desire is to help with this transition and with that epiphany, Big Sky Bravery was born. Josh quit his job and set up shop in Bozeman, MT. As Josh states," I am not a veteran, but a patriot with an emptiness to serve our country's elite." Although meeting success at an early age in the business world in NYC, Josh could not ignore a growing desire within him to fulfill a greater purpose, "I have worked for many companies in the past and succeeded, but it was never enough."  

“I just knew it had to be done,” McCain says. “And I knew this was the place to do it.” As those who live in MT know, he explains, “there’s plenty of action all around us—who could be bored here?” With programs ranging from rock climbing to backcountry skiing, McCain keeps these elite soldiers on their feet and on the edge of their seats. “Although they may not know what they’re getting into,” he says, “we guarantee they’ll have a great time.” And it’s these exciting, challenging experiences, he notes, that help them maintain healthy relationships at home while recharging them for their next deployment. Which, of course, is exactly what leave is supposed to do."

At an early age Josh feels that his father (retired USMC) taught him what it means to love our country, respect our freedom, and to sacrifice for the benefit of others. "Big Sky Bravery was founded for my brother in law.  He is the bravest man I have ever met and has served as a door kicker in SOF since 2001."   "It's time as civilians we damn sure do our part to support a group of individuals who never ask for anything."

Kristi McCain - Vice President 

Kristi was born and raised in Phenix City, AL.  From a young age, she knew she had a passion for helping others, yet finding that passion took some time.  She graduated from Auburn University in Auburn, AL, in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  After spending several years in administrative roles in Alabama and New York City, Kristi’s desire to change peoples’ lives, make a difference in the world, and to genuinely love what she does continued to grow.  But it wasn’t until the spring of 2015, when the idea of Big Sky Bravery was born, that passion met purpose.  As Vice President of Big Sky Bravery, Kristi is excited to begin honoring those who serve with her husband, Josh.  In her own words, “There is no better way to give back to our country and the Bozeman community than by offering these programs directly to the elite warriors who fight to protect our freedom.”